Hiking in Central and Eastern Newfoundland- Hikes in Central and Eastern Newfoundland

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Hiking in La Scie, Newfoundland new4.gif (987 bytes)

La Scie is located at the very eastern end of the Baie Verte Peninsula and has many hiking trails that we can fully recommend. Many of these trails are short and would suit all ages and stages of hiker. We sampled 3 hikes- the Caplin Cove trail, the Lookout Trail and the Boone's Hill Trail. All of great qualities so we suggest doing all three. We started the first 2 at a parking lot at 49 57.905 N and 55 36.227 W and the Boone's Hill Trail is at a parking lot at 49 57.644 N and 55 35.324 W. If you find yourself hungry then check out the Tea Room at the museum.

  Hiking in Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland new4.gif (987 bytes)

Fleur de Lys is located at the northern tip of  the Baie Verte Peninsula and has several fine hiking trails. On our most recently visit we explored 3 trails-the Fleur de Lys Lookout trail, the Spotted Point Trail and Ocean View Trail. The first 2 are accessed  at the unique soapstone quarry which records the use of this rock by Dorset Paleoeskimos for lamps and bowls. There is also a museum at the site which is well worth a visit as well. The Lookout trail is just 250 m long so can be done quickly and the Spotted Point trail is 2 km (1 way) and you will need about an hour to hike it. The Ocean view trail is nearby and is about 500 m long and gives views of the harbour and adjacent coastline.

 Sampling the hikes in the Coast of Bays area of Central Newfoundlandnew4.gif (987 bytes)

We recently had a chance to check out some of the hikes in the Coast of Bays area of Central Newfoundland. This area is accessed by highway 360 which is provides access to this part of southern Newfoundland. We did 2 short hikes in Milltown and several hikes in Harbour Breton. Most of these hikes are short and within the range of a wide variety of hikers. We really like the Gun Hill hike in Harbour Breton since it gives such a fine overview of rugged coastline and community of Harbour Breton. 


The Spillerís Cove to Codjack's Cove Trail , Twillingate, Newfoundlandnew4.gif (987 bytes)

This trail can be done as an extension of the French Head to Spillerís Cove trail or as a separate loop. This video assumes you are hiking it as a separate loop and therefore starting from a near by parking area. The trail winds past scenic Spillerís Cove and then along a particularly attractive section of coastline composed of small offshore islands and sea stacks. The trail is like a roller coaster with each highpoint presenting the hiker with a new view. The trail is quite rocky so wear hiking boots  Toward the end there is an osprey nest on an offshore island and we saw the osprey soaring overhead looking for food. This scenic trail ends at Codjacks Cove before heading inland back toward the community of Durrell. This trail just over 7 km long and will likely take 2-3 hours to complete.   The Trail Head is at 49 39.670 N and 54 43.855 W.  

Hiking the Top of Twillingate Trail, Twillingate,NL new4.gif (987 bytes)

We recently hiked this trail in the fall and can easily understand why it is one of the most popular trails in this area. The 3 kilometer trail starts off in the community of Bayview and it gradually ascends uphill through the boreal forest to the summit which is about 100 meters above sea level.  There are several lookouts enroute so you get fine views in different directions. There is even a lookout tower from the top so that you can get a panoramic view of the islands and communities in the entire area. . This hike is suited to a wide variety of walkers since it can take less than hour to complete this loop. The trail head is at: 49 37.157  N and 54 45.240 W.

  Hiking the Long Point Lighthouse to Lower Head Trail, Twillingate, Newfoundlandnew4.gif (987 bytes)

        This impressive trail starts at the Long Point Lighthouse parking lot where you can take in the fabulous view from the elevated lookout platform. From here the trail winds downhill before heading north which gives good views of scenic cliffs and icebergs in season. The trail then wind along the coast to Sleepy Cove which was once home to a large copper mining operation.  The trail in this section is particularly scenic since it provides grand views of the Gunn Islands which lie just off shore. Hiking boots are the best choice for this trail since it is steep and rocky in places. .  This trail is about 5 km in length and you should allow at least 2 hours to complete it. The Trail head is at 49 41.285 N and 54 48.097 W.

The French Beach to Spillerís Cove Trail , Twillingate, Newfoundlandnew4.gif (987 bytes)

       This trail starts from a parking lot at the end of the main road in Durrell. The track soon reaches French Beach and then ascends over a series of small hills along the scenic coastline.  The trail is quite rocky so hiking boots are suggested. The well marked path ascends to a highpoint of about 85 meters which provides good views back to Durrell and Twillingate. From there the trail continues along the coast to Spillerís Cove. From Spillerís Cove the trail winds inland back to the parking lot and you can even find the provincial flower Ė the insect eating pitcher plant in places.  This trail is about 5 kilometers in length and can be done in 1.5 to 2 hours. The Trail Head is at 49 40.129 N and 54 43.600 W.

Hiking to Spectacle Head in Cupids, Newfoundland

This hike provides great views of Cupids and the surrounding landscape. The trail starts at grid reference-47 32.923 N and 53 14.077 W and follows an old road to start. You then need to branch off and head toward the summit cairns. The hike will only take 30 minutes or so reach the top and be sure to bring your camera since the vista is "spectacular". Since part of the trail is over rocks light hiking boots are recommended.

  Hiking the Burnt Head Trail in Cupids, Newfoundland

This hike is a great one for all ages and passes by fine coastal scenery. The trail starts at the following grid reference-47 N 33.839 N and 53 11.916 W near the Cupids Haven Bed and Breakfast. The trail has various lengths depending on which branch you take but over all should take no more than 1 - 1.5 hours. Of course you may wish to stay long since there are many places to have lunch or snack as you watch the waves roll in. The trail passes by several abandoned communities which are marked today by large meadows. Click Burnt for more images.

Hiking Brimstone Head in Fogo, Newfoundland

The Brimstone Head trail in the community of Fogo on Fogo Island is a classic hike within the capability of a wide range of people. It is abit over 500 meters long but does climb steeply up numerous stairs to a large lookout platform. On our visit in July 2009 we saw icebergs offshore and the coastal scenery is awesome. This point is also suggested to be one of the 4 corners of the earth according to the Flat Earth Society, although no one has yet to fall off. For more information view the video and click Fogo for more images of this scenic trail.


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