Geoff Rayner-Canham, B.Sc., D.I.C., Ph.D.



Chemical Education Interests

  Dr. Rayner-Canham has authored or co-authored about 50 referred publications in the field of chemical education together with an additional 50 articles in other publications. He has presented his work at numerous conferences, particularly those of the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education.

Dr. Rayner-Canham has always been interested in finding ways of better conveying teaching concepts. One specific direction has been in the use of units and in problem-solving methodologies.

Relevant Publications
G.W. Rayner-Canham, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part VI: Memorizing mathematical formulas,” Chem 13 News, 10 (April 1992).
G.W. Rayner-Canham, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part V: Solving gas density problems,” Chem 13 News, 3 (March 1992).
G.W. Rayner-Canham, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part IV: Solving limiting reagent problems,” Chem 13 News, 3 (February 1992).
G. Rayner-Canham and M. Rayner-Canham, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part III: Using strategies and relationships in mole calculations,” Chem 13 News, 1 (January 1992).
G. Rayner-Canham and R. Doleman, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part II: Displaying oxidation number changes using the ‘ticker-tape’ method,” Chem 13 News, 3 (December 1991).
G. Rayner-Canham, “Innovative Teaching Methods, Part I: Determining Oxidation Numbers by Deduction,” Chem 13 News, 3 (November 1991).
G.W. Rayner-Canham, “Units That Make It SImple,” Science Teacher, 52(3), 23-25 (1985).
G.W. Rayner-Canham, “Joule’ Enjoy Using This Metric Unit,” Science Teacher, 51(2), 24-30 (1984).

As a result of his long-time involvement with high school chemistry, Dr. Rayner-Canham was asked to be the senior author of a pair of chemistry texts, primarily for use in Ontario schools. These were Chemistry: A First Course and Chemistry-A Second Course. Having been active in the development of microscale laboratory methods at his own institution, he was also the co-author of the Microscale Laboratory Manual to accompany the texts.

More recently, he was the senior author of a completely new chemistry text to match the much-changed Ontario high school chemistry curriculum.

Relevant Publications
G.W. Rayner-Canham, S. Damji and U. Goering, Addison-Wesley Chemistry 11, Pearson Publishing Co., 2001.
A. Slater and G. Rayner-Canham, Microscale Chemistry Laboratory Manual, Addison-Wesley, ON. 1994.
G. W. Rayner-Canham, P. Fisher, P. LeCouteur, and R. Raap, Chemistry - A Second Course, Addison-Wesley Canada, ON. 1989.
G. W. Rayner-Canham and A.M. Last, Chemistry: A First Course, Addison-Wesley Canada, ON. 1987.

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