Teaching Interests and Approach

My teaching areas lie in Early Modern Europe, New France, the Atlantic World, and women and gender. I bring to Grenfell Campus (MUN) years of experience that I acquired through my temporary appointments at St. Mary�s University, St. Cloud State University, and the University of Toronto at Scarborough.
I am very happy to be part of the MUN system and especially to be at this campus. I appreciate the strong sense of community here and the small class size. In class, I employ a wide variety of mediums, including Power Point presentations, biography, film clips, iconography and art history, literature, and drama. I also make use of online forums and course websites. I use primary historical sources as often as I can, a technique that I feel encourages a deeper historical understanding among students, allowing them to incorporate their own analysis into the course. My assignments reinforce that goal, as virtually all of the exams and written requirements in my courses involve the use of primary sources.

I am a highly committed teacher. I very much enjoy teaching and I want students to learn and do well. I perceive my role as a history teacher as one that not only provides students with a skills set that they need (writing, critical analysis, and verbal communication), but also I strive to convey to students the profound complexity of the historical record and the historical experience and I seek to impart to students a grasp of the craft of the historian.


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