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The Program It has been the credo of the department since its inception that nothing teaches theatre like the making of theatre. We are a producing theatre department and, in some respects, have become a model for other programs.

The theatre department produces at least four shows a year that are fully produced mainstage productions. We aim for professionalism in all aspects of these productions and give them as full a treatment as is possible. It is the firm philosophy of the Theatre Program that participation in these productions is one of the principle ways in which our students come to fully appreciate, and learn, the demands, rigors, and ethics of the professional theatre.

In recent years, the department has begun to experiment with studio or non-decor productions. We see this as an exciting opportunity, for second year students in particular, to be given more challenging responsibilities spread more equitably across a growing student body.

It is important to remember that first- year students are not required to participate in any productions, at any level. While volunteers are occasionally sought for various positions, first-year theatre students can only do so with permission of faculty.

Second-year students are required to commit up to the equivalent of 12 hours a week in rehearsal; third-year students 16 hours; fourth-year students 20 hours.

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