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Sarah Rowsell Shinerama Coordinator

Program Year: Nursing BN2
Shinerama History:Volunteer for last year's Shinerama family! Currently Shinerama Coordinator!
Why they love Shinerama: It's a great way to get involved in school life and meet new people. It gives you the chance to give back to the community and hopefully change the lives of individuals with CF. A cure is near and I am so proud that I will be able to say in the future "I helped find a cure Cystic Fibrosis".
Fun Fact: I used to sit under the table in my kitchen and eat candy off the ginger bread house, thinking I was invisable so when my mom asked "Who's eating all that candy", I would pretend it wasn't me.... Even when she was watching!


Edmund J. Walsh Vice-Coordinator

Program Year: BN2
Shinerama History:There's not a whole lot of history!! I collected money and provided accurate change in a most professional manner at last year's Shine Day BBQ! I look forward to being more heavily involved this year!
Why they love Shinerama: I love Shinerama because I know that Shinerama's contribution to cystic fibrosis research will assist in finding a cure which will positively impact the lives of many.
Fun Fact: N/A. There is nothing fun about me. All business. All the time.


Allison Boone

Program Year: Nursing BN3
Shinerama History:-Previous Co-Chair of the 2010 fundraiser -Volunteer in 2009
Why they love Shinerama: its a great cause :)
Fun Fact: i can solve a rubix cube


Krystal Hackett

Program Year: BN2
Shinerama History:Helped with the last years Shinerama BBQ and collected donations from different businesses on Shine day!
Why they love Shinerama: It is a great oppurtunity to reach out a helping hand. Being a volunteer for Shinerama allows you as an individual to play a huge role in the lives on many. I know that my hard work along with the work of our team will be greatly appreciated when one day is cure is found! Shine on :)
Fun Fact: I have a fascination with turtles! They are by far my favorite little creatures in the world!