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Interactive Physlets

What is a Physlet? It is a Physics applet - an interactive Java program (or application) - which can be used to demonstrate a concept in Physics through animation or interaction.

Physics 1020, 1050:

Lab (or Topic)

Physlet files

Describing Motion Position vs. Time Velocity vs. Time Acceleration vs. Time
Constant Acceleration Free fall on Mars
Projectile Motion (demo) Cannon Shot Battleship
Newton's Laws Newton's Second Law The Satellite
Friction Friction on an Inclined Plane
Conservation of Energy Bounce! Frictionless bowl
Momentum, Energy & Collisions Glider Interactions Billiard ball Physics

Physics 1021, 1051:

Sound Tone Generator Beating Waves
Electric Fields Unknown Charges Force Vectors Electric Potentials
Magnetism Three Wires Circular Wire Loop Solenoid
Moving Charge in a Magnetic Field (demo)
Simple Harmonic Motion Energy of SHM
Standing Waves Travelling Wave Resonance
Doppler Effect (demo) Police car siren
Geometrical Optics (demo) Optics Bench
Interference Two Source Interference Effect of Wavelength on Pattern (demo)

These applets are being produced by educators world-wide and are freely distributable. Most of the above problems (except Friction on an Inclined Plane, and Police Siren) are based on Physlets developed by Davidson College.

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