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Physics 3180: Observational Astrophysics

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 This course will be offered in Fall Term 2013.

Theoretical topics including celestial mechanics, continuous and line spectra, stellar structure and nucleosynthesis, and stellar evolution.  Observational topics include planning observations, acquisition of images with a CCD electronic camera, fundamentals of astronomical image processing, photometry, and stellar spectroscopy using a variety of software packages.

Physics 3180 is an upper year physics/astronomy course with mathematics & physics prerequisites: Physics 2056 and Mathematics 2000. Physics 2151 is recommended.

Some projects will be done with the Grenfell Observatory telescope and its instruments, and will require students' participation at nightime observing sessions.


Dr. Douglas Forbes
Office: AS 3028
Phone: 637-6295
E-Mail: dforbes at grenfell dot mun dot ca


To Measure the Sky: An Introduction to Observational Astronomy, Frederick R. Chromey
 (2010, Cambridge University Press)

An Introduction to Astronomical Photometry Using CCDs, W. Romanishin
(available from Physics Laboratory SharePt site)

Dumbbell Nebula - Grenfell Obs. CCD cameraCourse Outline:

Material from Cromey
Chapter 1 Light
Chapter 2 Uncertainty
Chapter 3 Place, Time, Motion
Chapter 4 Names, Cataolgs, Databases
Chapter 5 Optics for Astronomy (part)
Chapter 6 Astronomical Telescopes
Chapter 7 Matter and Light (self review)
Chapter 8 Detectors
Chapter 9 Digital Images from Arrays (supplemented from Romanishin)
Chapter 10 Photometry  (supplemented from Romanishin)

Marking Scheme:

Assignments 20 % Quiz Dates:
Projects 20 % TBA
Quizzes (2) 20 %  
Term Project 40 %  
  100 % NOTE: There will be no formal final examination.

  Last update: 27 August, 2013

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