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Physics 2553: Introduction to Analog and Digital Electronics

End of term robot project.This course will be offered in Winter Term 2014

The basics of analog and digital electronics: direct current circuits, capacitors and inductors, alternating currents, test equipment and measurement, transducers, diodes and transistors, an introduction to operational amplifiers, digital basics, digital circuitry, and digital and analog I/O.

This course will be taught in combined lab/lecture format during two - three hour periods in the Senior Physics Lab, AS 3034

While not required for the degree, this course is an excellent elective for a Physics major or minor.  It would also be of interest to anyone who will be using instrumentation in their work.

Pre-requisites: Physics 1021 or 1051 and Mathematics 1000 or equivalent.


Dr. R. Patro,

Office: AS 3011
Phone: 639 - 2596
E-Mail: rpatro at grenfell dot mun dot ca

 Diefenderfer text 


Principles of Electronic Instrumentation, (3rd Ed.), by James Diefenderfer and Brian Holton

Marking Scheme:   Winter 2014

Laboratory work is a crucial component of this course and all students are required to attend all the labs.  A failure to complete all the laboratory requirements will result in the inability to pass.

Laboratory work 30 % Test dates:
Project 15 % Friday, January 31
Assignments 10 % Friday, February 28
Tests (3) 45 % Friday, March 28
Total = 100 % Project due date:
    "Wednesday, April 2

Course Outline: Winter 2014

Direct Currents 
Ohm's law, power, types of resistors, Kirchhoff's equations, voltage dividers, potentiometers and current dividers, Thevenin's and Norton's equivalent circuit theorems.
Capacitors and Inductors 
Capacitance, capacitors in series and parallel, inductance, RC and RL circuits, signal differentiation and integration.
Alternating Current Circuits 
The sine wave and its properties, reactance, impedance and phasors, AC analysis of RC circuits, transformers, transmission lines.
Test Equipment and Measurement 
Analog meters, input impedance, digital meters, AC measurements, the oscilloscope, signal generator, Wheatstone bridge, high voltage measurements.
Diodes and Transistors 
The physical model for semiconductors, the p-n junction, diode action, rectification and single voltage power supplies, voltage multipliers, Zener diodes, clipper and clamp diodes, the bipolar junction transistor, the common emitter amplifier, common collector-emitter follower, the transistor switch.
Operational Amplifiers 
Voltage follower, non and inverting amplifiers, difference amplifiers, mathematical functions: summation, differentiation and integration, current amplifiers and filters.
Types of transducers: temperature, light intensity, pH and conductivity, force, position, pressure, vacuum and sound, humidity, magnetic field, particle detectors.
Digital Basics 
Gates, Boolean algebra, numbering systems and codes.
Digital Circuitry 
Flip-flops, digital readouts, counters and registers, mechanical switches and logic circuits.
Digital and Analog I/O 
Parallel data transmission, peripheral interface adapter programming examples, serial data transmission, digital-to-analog converters (DAC) and analog-to-digital converters (ADC), commercial data acquisition systems.

Last update: 06 February, 2014

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