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Physics 2053: Fluids & Thermal Physics

This course will be offered annually in Winter Term. 

Topics will examine elasticity, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, kinetic theory and statistical mechanics.

Prerequisite: Physics 1051 and Mathematics 1001.
Lectures: Three hours per week.
Laboratory: Three hours per week.


Dr. Ranjan Patro
Office: AS 3011 (new building)
Phone: 639-2596
E-Mail:  rpatro at grenfell dot mun dot ca


Six Ideas That Shaped Physics (2nd Edition), Unit T;  Thomas A. Moore
Essential University Physics (2nd Edition), Volume 2; Richard Wolfson
Moore, Unit T

Lab Manual:

All experiment write-ups are located on the Physics Laboratories SharePoint site. Students are responsible for downloading and printing their own copies.

An Introduction to Error Analysis (2nd Ed.), John R. Taylor (required for all 2nd year and above laboratory work)

Marking Scheme: Winter 2014

Work type

Value         (% of final mark)

Laboratory work

20 %

Tests (2)

30 %


15 %

Final exam

35 %

Total =

100 %

Course Outline 2014:



Wolfson, Chapter 15 Fluid Mechanics
Moore, Unit C, sec. 10
(photocopy to be provided)
Thermal Energy
Moore, Unit T, sec. 1 Temperature
Moore, Unit T, sec. 2, 3 Ideal Gases
Moore, Unit T, sec. 4 - 9 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics

Laboratory Schedule:     Thursday @ 8:30 - 11:20 AM (in Senior Physics Lab AS 3034)

Lab Experiment


  Introduction January 9
  Surface Tension January 23
  Heat Capacity February 6
  Thermal Conductivity February 20
  Heat Engines February 27
   Blackbody Radiation  March 13
  Boltzmann Statistics March 27
Laboratory activities will begin January 9th with an introductory meeting and discussions.

All laboratory information, including schedules and experiment write-ups, are located on the Physics Laboratories SharePoint site.

Please note that a passing grade in laboratory work is required in order to pass the course.

Last update: 06 February, 2014

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