The B.Sc. degree in Physics at Grenfell Campus!

People who study physics want to learn how the Universe works. Their curiosity takes them from the realm of the very tiny - the interior of an atom's nucleus - to the very big - the farthest of galaxies. The B.Sc. degree in Physics at Grenfell can take you in either direction, with courses in subatomic and particle physics, and in astronomy and cosmology. These options, together with a solid grounding in the fundamentals, give you a degree with a difference!
Courses Offered in 2014 / 2015
Fall Term 2014 Winter Term 2015
Introductory Physics I:  Physics 1020   Physics 1021:  Introductory Physics II
  General Physics I:  Physics 1050   Physics 1051:  General Physics II
Fluids & Thermal Physics:  Physics 2053   Physics 2056:  Modern Physics
Stellar Astronomy:  Physics 2151   Physics 3061:  Electromagnetic Theory
Computational Mechanics:  Physics 2820   Physics 3180:  Observational Astrophysics
Electricity and Magnetism:  Physics 3060   Physics 3220:  Classical Mechanics I
Quantum Mechanics I:  Physics 3650   Physics 3250:  Elementary Particles & Fields
 Senior Physics Seminar:  Physics 4100   Physics 4950:  Research Experience in Physics
Physics Laboratory:  Physics 4880    

Grenfell Campus Observatory

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