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B.Sc. in Physics

The Grenfell Campus of Memorial University offers a single discipline B.Sc. with a major in Physics. A minor in Physics is also available.  Download more information: "Why Study Physics at Grenfell?" and "More about Our Program".

You can apply for admission directly from high school. The best preparation is to take all the physics courses your high school offers in addition to Advanced Mathematics.  If you have attended another post-secondary institution, you can apply for advanced standing. Consult the Chair of the Physics program or an academic advisor at the Grenfell Campus to discuss transfer credits.  (Note that not being prepared to take Math 1000 and Physics 1050 your first year will usually mean extra time to complete the program.)

Major in Physics

The Major consists of 69 credit hours as follows:

  1. Mathematics 1000, 1001, 2000, 2050, 3202, 3260
  2. Physics 1050, 1051, 2053, 2056, 2151 or 2400, 2820, 3060, 3061, 3220, 3400, 3650, 4100, 4880, 4950
  3. 9 additional credit hours in Physics chosen from Physics 3160, 3180, 3230, 3250, 3820

Minor in Physics

The Minor consists as follows:

  1. Physics 1050, 1051, 2053, 2056, and 2820
  2. An additional 9 credit hours in Physics at the 2000-level or above

Course Offerings

You do not need to choose a minor with a Physics major program, however students are reminded that the Core Program Requirements for a Grenfell Campus degree must be met.

Sample 1st Year Program for a Physics Major

Fall Term

Winter Term

Math 1000 Math 1001
English 1000 English 1001
Physics 1050 Physics 1051
Chemistry 1200 * Chemistry 1001 *
Elective or Physics 2151 or 2400 Elective or Physics 2151or 2400

* While not required for the degree, one or two semesters in Chemistry are recommended.

Sample 2nd Year Program for a Physics Major

Fall Term

Winter Term

Math 2000 Math 3260
Physics 2820 (Computational Mechanics) Math 2050
Elective or Physics 2151 (Astronomy) Physics 2053 (Fluids & Thermal Physics)
Elective Physics 2056 (Modern Physics)
Elective Elective or Physics 2553  (Electronics)

Course work in third year and above will include Observational Astrophysics, Elementary Particles & Fields, Galaxies & Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Senior Lab and Seminar courses, and Research with a faculty member.

Wondering what you can do with a Physics degree?

The analytical skills and problem-solving strategies learned as part of a physics degree are always in high demand from employers.  Graduates with physics degrees are among the top earners in a wide variety of careers, among them: meteorology, financial analysis, energy research, science journalism, medical careers. The question is more like: "What can't you do with a Physics degree?"

Check out:

Grenfell Campus also offers a B.Sc. degree program in General Science with a Physics Stream available as one of the three possible areas of concentration. For more information on the requirements of the General Science degree contact the Chair of General Science.

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