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School for Nuclei and Astro-Physics

A three-day camp for Level II students of the Western School District of Newfoundland, presented by the Physics Department of the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NL, Canada

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The School for Nuclei and AstroPhysics is a three day physics/astronomy residential camp for Level II students of the Western School District on the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University . It combines an introduction to particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology with hands-on experience in flying a balloon-borne cosmic ray detector to the very edge of space.

Students are chosen by their teachers for their interest and aptitude for physics and mathematics and would ideally be enrolled in Physics 2204 and Level II Advanced Mathematics, however Level III students may be considered. Food and accommodation is provided, however transportation is the responsibility of the student. Instruction and activities will be led by faculty and staff of the Physics department at Grenfell.

Here are some pictures and results from our very first SNAP camp, held 26 - 28 April 2010, showing some of the participants and instructors. Our balloon reached an altitude in excess of 23 km and transmitted back some valuable data on the change in cosmic ray counts with height!

Congratulations, campers!  

We hope to offer the camp again either in the fall of 2011 or the spring of 2012. Stay tuned for the dates; when finalized, information packages and letters will be distributed to District Physics teachers.

For further information on the SNAP camp, contact Dr Doug Forbes, senior organizer.
Here is a nicely informative pamphlet on cosmic rays (a pdf file).
Our publicity poster from 2010.

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