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School for Nuclei and Astro-Physics

A three-day camp for Level II students of the Western School District of Newfoundland, presented by the Physics Department of Grenfell Campus , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NL, Canada

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Books, Applets & Videos


Books for Further Information

  • A Thin Cosmic Rain: Particles from Outer Space, by Michael Friedlander
  • Cosmic Bullets: High Energy Particles in Astrophysics, by Roger Clay & Bruce Dawson
  • The Elegant Universe, by Richard Greene
  • Particle Physics: A Very Short Introduction, by Frank Close

Short Videos & Interviews

  • University of Utah's Fly's Eye and HiRes cosmic ray detectors: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Nobel prize-winner Dr. George Smoot explains the Big Bang with help from the University of California Band!

Longer Videos

  • From a series called Saturday Morning Physics from the University of Michigan; it has some really good demonstrations, but is about 60 min.

  • Space Storms, from NovaScienceNow, explains aurora and their link with cosmic rays (about 10 min)

Cool applets and simulations


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