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1-4 1795 Sir James Wallace   General Return of the Fishery for 1795, as well as claims of Bounty Certificates for fishing ships at Newfoundland for 1795
5-5v 1 Feb., 1796 Vice Adm. Sir James Wallace (London) Duke of Portland Letter regarding augmentation of the regiment of the Royal Fusileers in Nova Scotia, recruiting in Newfoundland
7-7v 16 Feb., 1796 James Wallace (London) J. King Received money for the civil establishment of Newfoundland from 1 April 1796 to 1 April 1797
9-10 20 Feb. 1796 Jn Hill (London) J. King Directions regarding D’Ewes Coke, Chief Justice of Newfoundland
11-11v Sept. 1795 D’Ewes Coke (St. John’s) Sir James Wallace Acknowledges receipt of letter regarding fees, fines, penalties, forfeitures, courts of the island
11v-14 10 Sept., 1795 D’Ewes Coke (St. John’s) Sir James Wallace Observations and notes re: salaries of Sheriffs, marshals, clerks etc. of the court in Newfoundland.
15 18 May, 1796 James Wallace (Spithead) Duke of Portland Acknowledges receipt of orders for guidance in Newfoundland.
17 17 June, 1796 James Wallace (Yarmouth Roads, Isle of Wight) J. King Correspondence concerning military clothing lost on Lady Wallace
19 9 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (St John’s) D. of Portland French squadron led by Richery (8 ships) attacked Newfoundland; Bay Bulls destroyed; steps to defend St. John’s; Halifax military have been informed
21-21v 9 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (Ft. Townshend)   Summary of Lieut. Slade’s report on the French at Bay Bulls.
23-23v 9 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (Fort Townshend)   State of St. John’s defences and steps taken to protect port against the French
25-25v 29 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) Duke of Portland Update of Richery’s activity in the region.
27-27v 29 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s)   " The declaration of Charles McCarthy." Detailed account of Richery’s activity. List of squadron by name.
29-32 29 Sept., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s)   " The declaration of John Morridge." Aboard Le Jupiter. Detailed account of Richery’s activity around St. John’s and his intentions regarding the surrender of the garrison.
35v-40 29 Sept. 1796 James Wallace (Spithead?)   Journal for the Secretary of State. From Friday 9 Sept. to Wednesday 28 Sept. 1796.
41-41v 16 Nov., 1796 James Wallace (Spithead) Duke of Portland Wallace’s safe arrival to London. No apprehension from enemy in St. John’s.
43-43v 24 Nov., 1796 James Wallace (London) Duke of Portland Fortifications at Signal Hill. Enclosed reports (see below)
44v-45 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland "Return of the Newfoundland Fishery for the year 1796"
46 29 Oct., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland "State of His Majesty’s Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot" prepared by Colonel Thomas Skinner
48-50 29 Oct., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland " His Majesty’s Forces in the Island of Newfoundland" prepared by Skinner
51-52v 1 Oct., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland "Remain of Barrack Bedding and Other Stores" prepared by Robert Bolland
55-59 3 Aug., 1796

James Wallace (St. John’s)

D. of Portland " A Remain of Ordnance and Military Stores" prepared by Bolland and Humphrey
62-63 24 Oct., 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland "State of the Fortification Barracks and other Buildings" prepared by Skinner. (Signal Hill, Fort Townshend, Fort William, Wallace’s Battery, Chain Rock Battery, Amherst Tower)
64 1796 James Wallace (St. John’s) D. of Portland " Claims for Bounty Certificates by Fishing Ships at Newfoundland for 1796" prepared by Wallace
66-67 2 Feb., 1797 James Wallace (London) Duke of Portland Request for authorization to finish work on Signal Hill. Encloses documents (see below) relating to: requests for clothing for inhabitants whose houses were burnt by the French; requests for more money; document relating to the sheriffs and Justice Ogden accounts; Maj. Charleton requests pardon of a gunner
68-68v   Volunteer Corps (St. John’s)   Request to continue to provide rations and provisions. Also request new clothing . Signed by John Sawer, Nathan Park, James Winter, John Loughman.
70 2 Feb. 1797 James Wallace   " Return of Captain John Sawer Company of Volunteers" prepared on 25 Oct. 1796.
71- 72 2 Feb. 1797 James Wallace   "Return of Captain Nathaniel Parker’s Company of Volunteers" prepared on 25 Oct. 1796
73-74 2 Feb. 1797 James Wallace   " Return of Captain John Loughman’s Company of Volunteers acting under the command of Maj. Thomas Charleton" prepared on 25 Oct. 1796
75 2 Feb. 1797 James Wallace   " District of St. John’s in account with Henry Phillips, Sheriff" for Oct. 1796
76 2 Feb. 1797 James Wallace   " Dr. Jonathan Ogden keeper of the records in account with the Public funds"
78 8 Oct. 1796 Thomas Charleton (Fort Townshend) James Wallace Letter regarding the Court martial of second gunner Thomas Hughes in Halifax. Requesting Hughes’ Pardon.
80 25 Feb. 1797 James Wallace Duke of Portland Cover letter to Colonel Skinner’s request.
82 20 Feb. 1797 Skinner (London) James Wallace Requests provisions for the garrison.
84 31 March 1797 James Wallace Duke of Portland Acknowledges receipt of letter regarding Licenses for the importation of Bread from the United States of America.
86-88 14 Aug. 1797 Governor Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Duke of Portland Letter explaining the events surrounding the Latona’s Ship Company. Execution of Parker. Mutiny. Addresses, friction between the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Court of Enquiry. Sergeant James Dayley . The state of fishery and lack of salt. Request for the Governor of Newfoundland to be allowed to conduct General Courts martial on the island instead of sending to Halifax. Fortifications are in desperate state.
90 3 Aug. 1797 James L. Rance (Ft. Townshend)   The poor conduct of the Latona ‘s seamen.
91-92v 6 Aug. 1797 Gov. Waldegrave Marines of the Latona Warning against disobedience to Officers and mutiny. Waldegrave warns men to amend conduct. Directions given to magistrate. Parker was hanged with others.
93 8 Aug. 1797 Thomas Skinner (Fort William) Governor Waldegrave Letter with enclosed documents regarding the declaration of Loyalty to King and Country by Non-commissioned Officers.
93v-94 8 Aug. 1797 William Armstrong, Sergeant Major ( and 37 officers) Colonel Thomas Skinner, Governor [enclosed with above] Non-commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates make a declaration of loyalty to the King against allegations to the contrary. Offer a reward of twenty guineas to anyone who would apprehend the parties responsible for their slender.
94v-95v 8 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Colonel Thomas Skinner Shows pleasure at the Loyalty declaration sent by Armstrong. Will transmit the sentiments to Duke of Portland. Praises the good merits of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
97 8 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Captains James Winter, John Sawer, Francis Murphy Declaration of the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Corps of the Royal Newfoundland Volunteers or their Loyalty to the King, Country, and constitution.
98-99 8 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Royal Newfoundland Volunteers Thanks the Volunteers Corps for their declaration of loyalty at a time when Sedition and Mutiny is prevalent.
100-100v 9 Aug. 1797 Robert Lomax (Saint John’s) Mayor Charleton The officers and gunners of the Royal Artillery are offering 30 guineas to anyone trying to "seduce [subjects] from their duty to their King and Country.
101-101v 9 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Mayor Charleton Thanks the Royal Regiment of Artillery stationed at Saint John’s for their show of Loyalty of King, Country and Constitution. Will transmit this info to Portland.
104-104v 14 Aug. 1797 Latona’s Ship Company Waldegrave Denial of disloyalty towards King and Country. Admits that some officers were under the influence of alcohol. They want the officers of St John’s to know that they offer fifty guineas to anyone who would apprehend disloyal subjects.
105-105v 9 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Officers of the Latona’s Re-iterates that St. John’s was alarmed at the poor behaviour of the Latona’s crew. Deplores the drunkenness. Accuses the crew of mutiny again. Their disobedience merits death. Orders the crew to bring forth the ring-leaders.
107-107v ? Aug. 1797 Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of Marines of the Latona. Waldegrave They again declare themselves loyal servants to their King and Country. They will also support Captain Sotheron with their lives.
108-108v 10 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of Marines of the Latona. Praises the loyalty demonstrated to the Captain of the Latona, Sotheron, and shall transmit the information to the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty.
109-109v 11 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) The captain, commissioned, Warrant and Petty Officers of Latona. Public Address. Praising the men who declared their loyalty. But orders once again to bring forth the mutineers.
111-112v 12 Aug. 1797 J. P. Rance, by command of the Governor (Fort Townshend) Garrison Court Enquiry regarding Sunday Aug. 6. Latona’s seamen were called under a fish flake by a sergeant of the RN Regiment who told them that if they wanted to continue their mutinous activity, they would have help from 500-600 hundred soldiers ready to join them.
113v-114 13 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Magistrates of St. John’s James Dayley wishes to assert his innocence of the charges laid against him regarding his alleged dealings with the Latona. He pleads that he was drunk at the time. Declaration of James Dayley.
115-116 13 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend)   "General Order" Warning that drunkenness is not enough to clear a soldier of an offence. Informs that the traitor is a sergeant, but the name is still unknown.
117 28 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) Duke of Portland Waldegrave vouches to the good qualities of Captain Hierliky and introduces the captain’s letter. See documents enclosed below.
119 12 Aug. 1797 J. Hierliky (Fort Townshend) Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) [enclosed with above] Asks for a salary.
120 19 Oct. 1794 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend)   [enclosed with above] "General Order" Lieutenant John Hierliky’s appointment to Fort Adjutant to the Garrison of Fort Townshend.
121 25 Oct. 1795 Sir James Wallace(Fort Townshend)   [enclosed with above] "General Order" Wallace is pleased to appoint Hierliky Fort Major to the Garrison of Saint John’s.
122 12 Aug. 1797 Thomas Skinner (Saint John’s)   [enclosed with above] Skinner’s letter of recommendation and asks that Hierliky be allowed a salary and to be retroactive to the last year. Hierliky started Oct. 1794.
124 12 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Captain John Hierliky [enclosed with above] Informs the captain that he will lay the matter before His majesty’s Secretary at War.
126-126v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) Duke of Portland Letter with enclosed documents relating to the Merchants residing at Trepassey the Ordnance and Military Stores to the Out Harbours (Outports) has been neglected.
128 11 Sept. 1797 The Merchants at Trepassey Waldegrave The Merchants of Trepassey enumerate the values of the Fort, deplore its deterioration, demand that the responsibility of repairs not be given to them, and ask for men to look after the garrison, a new set of Carriages, and 4 or 6 pieces of Cannon more.
129-129v 3 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) The Merchants at Trepassey Waldegrave informs the merchants that the full responsibility of the upkeep of the defences laid with them. Nevertheless, he will pass on the request but if money should be given to them, it will still be their responsibility to see to the battery’s repair and upkeep.
131-131v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) Duke of Portland Requests permission to open a market at St John’s. Unregulated selling of cattle and other produce has led to theft of sheep.
133-138v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) Duke of Portland Waldegrave demands that his duties not only include Civil powers but also Military powers as Governor of the Island. He states that he is in fact exercising military duties but is not given the title for it. His whole argument is laid here.

141-172v is part of a series of 11 enclosures sent by Prince Edward to Waldegrave in relation to such issues of Civil versus Military Jurisdiction and Courts Martial.

141-141v 3 Aug. 1797 Prince Edward (Halifax) Waldegrave Under order of His Majesty, he is allowed to recruit in the Island of Newfoundland. Lieutenant Burton will carry the recruitment.
143-145v 14 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Prince Edward Replies that he will accommodate his requests but that it might be hard to supply men late in the Fall. Waldegrave wants to further the extent of his civil power to include military power.
147-153v 24 Aug. 1797 Edward (Halifax) Waldegrave Edward explains the chain of command and his own jurisdiction over Newfoundland. Prescott and Edward have military power over Newfoundland. Defines Newfoundland as "Nova Scotia and its dependencies." (Supporting documents enclosed)
155-156 9 Feb. 1765 Richard Maitland (Dep. Adjutant General)   [enclosed with above] Order asserting the power of authority of the Civil Governor over Majesty’s Forces stationed in the respecting provinces.
157 7 June 1794 Lord Dorchester (Québec) Prince Edward [enclosed with above] Warrant empowering Edward to hold Courts Martial except for cases of death or cashiering.
159-160v 7 June 1794 Lord Dorchester (Québec) Prince Edward [enclosed with above] Details relating to Courts Martial and their procedures.
161-161v 6 Dec. 1788 Dorchester (Québec)   [enclosed with above] Requests that the expenditure of Provisions sent from Halifax for the supply of the troops under his command in the Island of Newfoundland be sent. Demands to be kept informed.
163 16 Dec. 1789 Thomas Stule (or Steele?) Lord Dorchester [enclosed with above] Letter stating that instructions should be given to the Governor of Newfoundland to render an exact account of the provisions issued to the garrison in the actual state in which he received them.
165-166 15 Sept. 1797 Waldegrave Edward [enclosed with above] backs away from his demands. Consider the matter closed.
167 17 Oct. 1797 Macleod Governor or Officer commanding His Majesty’s Forces in Newfoundland [enclosed with above] Appointment of Captain Gahan

as Captain of a Company stationed at the Island of Corsica.

169 29 Oct. 1787 Elliot (Ft. Townshend)   [enclosed with above] Governor gives permission to a major to go to England to settle a private affair.
170 8 Oct. 1788 Elliot (St. John’s) Captain Thorne [enclosed with above] Denies Thorne permission to go to England.
171 15 Oct. 1790 Millbanke Major [enclosed with above] Permission is granted to go to England.
172 16 Oct. 1792 R. King Captain Minet [enclosed with above] Permission granted for leave.
173-173v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Portland Cover letter with supporting documents relating to unlawful marriages performed in Conception Bay, the authority of clergy to perform lawful marriages, baptisms, and the "churching" of women. Asks permission to enforce his proclamation and to levy fines or send off to island anyone not complying.
175-176 25 Aug. 1797 G.C. Jenner (Reverend) Waldegrave [enclosed with above] Attests to the lack of matrimonial law on the island. An incestuous marriage was performed at Carbonear by a servant. Wants the Banns of matrimony to be proclaimed.
177-178 25 Aug. 1797 J. Harries (Reverend in St. John’s) Waldegrave [enclosed with above] Deplores the lack of Matrimonial Law. Instances of Polygamy and incestuous marriages have happened in Outports and Harbor Grace. Demands regulation of marriages.
179 14 Nov. 1796 Charles Garland (Harbour Grace)   [enclosed with above] Gives notice that any person performing Marriages without proper authority, will be convicted.
181-181v 26 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) Reverend Harries [enclosed with above] Will bring the matter to Arch Bishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London.
183 26 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Reverend Mr. Jenner [enclosed with above] Acknowledges receipt and refers to the copy sent to Mr. Harries.
185-185v 29 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) D’Ewes Coke (St. John’s) [enclosed with above] Asks D’Ewes for his expertise on how to deal with the lack of Matrimonial Law.
187-187v 29 Aug. 1797 D’Ewes Coke (St. John’s) Waldegrave (Ft. Townshend) [enclosed with above] Replies that the practice so prevalent in Conception Bay of illegal marriages can by law be punished and a Proclamation should be drafted.
189-189v       [enclosed with above] Draft of the proclamation against unlawful marriages.
191 24 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Public [enclosed with above] Proclamation stating that marriages shall now be performed legally and that any marriages performed otherwise shall be considered illegitimate.
192 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Duke of Portland Cover letter and supporting documents related to a Court martial.
194-195 7 Oct. 1797 Court headed by Epps   [enclosed with above] Court Martial of Sergeant John McLarty of Royal Newfoundland Regiment for neglect of duty (absent for Evening Parade.) He was acquitted. On the 9th of Oct., a review determined that neglect of duty is not substantiated with evidence, therefore the acquittal stands. Signed by W. J. Epps.
197-199 14 Oct. 1797 Court headed by Charleton   [enclosed with above] A detailed enquiry of McLarty’s activity during the time he was away from his post. He was charged of distributing provisions to the women and children of Captain Frimlett’s company. Distributing Pork and butter.
200-200v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Letter relating to the poor management of provisions given to troops in Newfoundland. Instructions should be given to the Commissary of Provisions that he be responsible for the damages.
202-202v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave (Fort Townshend) Duke of Portland Requests that a Cutter be placed to cruise the coast and remain at Fortune Bay during Winter. Growing population of Outports is causing problems. (Supporting documents)
204-205 1 Sept. 1797 Waldron (Harbour Breton) J. L. Rance (Waldegrave’s Secretary) [enclosed with above] Letter relating to the gang rape of a woman at Bay de l’Eau. Hermitage Bay and Whale fishing by Americans. British subjects, "deserters", leave on board American vessels. An armed cutter would help stop the out-migration of workers. The Herring fishery also deprives the Navy and Army of a useful set of men.
206 1 Oct. 1797 J. Broom Ambrose Crofton [enclosed with above] Brings a warning that Emigration to America seems to be increasing.
208 4 Oct. 1797 Ambrose Crofton J. Broom [enclosed with above] Will transmit the info to the governor. Urges that local collector and naval officer require vessels to pay a bond to discourage illegal emigration.
210-211 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Letter relating to the survey of Army Provisions. The issue of Condemned Provisions. He wants to use a different form.
212 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland The spoiled food should have been separated prior to being sent to Newfoundland. As a result, the price of the condemned food appears to be big. The mode of surveying provisions has to be amended.
214-214v 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Letter with supporting concerning Beothuk of the island. Proclamation trying to "save from destruction the sad remains of this unhappy persecuted race of People."
216 20 July 1797 Waldegrave public Proclamation. Indians are to be treated with kindness and as friends. Any person that may act in violation of this proclamation will be brought to justice.
217 16 Aug. 1797 John Bland (Bonavista) J. L. Rance Proclamations will not help Indians unless backed with time and expenses. Concerns Fogo. The killing will continue as men on the island see it as fair game to kill Indians. Refers to a case where murderers of Indians were not prosecuted, no details.
218 18 Aug. 1797 J. L. Rance (St. John’s) J. Bland Please forward any letters relating to the state of Indians and suggest any plans as to the action to be taken. Delegates the task of carrying any plans to Bland.
218v-221 1 Sept. 1797 J. Bland (Bonavista) J.L. Rance Regrets that he doesn’t have any copies of the letters relating to the murder of Indians. The case of an Indian girl sent to Trinity. Peyton’s persecution of Indians. Makes various suggestions as to how to deal with the problem. Draws a portrait of Indian suffering caused by the English and congratulates the governor for trying to save them.
221v-229 30 July 1792, also accounts from 1790 and 1791     Copy of notes from Lieutenant Pulling of the Navy. Collection of testimonials by various individuals describing the frictions between Indians and Inhabitants. Most of the accounts listed here tell of Indian attacks done to inhabitants. Trinity, Funk Island, Fogo, Bay of Exploits, Charle’s Brook, Beaver Cove Head, and Indian Arm are mentioned.


233-235 25 Oct. 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Endeavours to found a magistracy but the educated individuals have more lucrative positions. Also, they are stopped by the power Merchants hold over them. The solution is to settle salaries of Magistrates in order to render them independent. Taxation on Spirits and dieters should be introduced to pay Magistrates. A list of proposed salaries is included.
237 25 Oct. 2797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Cover letter with supporting documents.
239 28 July 1797 Waldegrave Public [enclosed with above] Proclamation stating that anyone harboring, piloting, or supplying with food or clothes any deserters will be fined the sum of 10 pounds per deserter. Anyone caught without papers shall be brought to magistrates.
240-240v 27 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave D’Ewes Coke [enclosed with above] Waldegrave wants an act of parliament passed to end desertion and make servants more obedient to their masters.
242 27 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Public [enclosed with above] Second Proclamation. Making it obligatory to have all servants and dieters duly registered in order to avoid desertions.
242v Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Magistrates [enclosed with above] Sample form where magistrates should enter names, descriptions of all servants working under masters.
243-244 5 Sept. 1797 D’Ewes Coke Waldegrave [enclosed with above] Reactions to the Proclamation re: desertion. States that penalties and forfeitures cannot be recovered until an Act of Parliament is passed. These regulations would have positive effects on the security and strength of NF and would show gov’mt the impact of the fishery on the Nation.
245 27 Aug. 1797 Waldegrave Magistrates of outports [enclosed with above] Instructions to magistrates of outports to register all servants using the forms included.
247 Nov. 1797 Waldegrave (Spithead) D. of Portland Sends a return of the troops, artificers and labourers. A state of fortifications, the remains of ordnance and ordnance stores, and the barracks Master’s returns. Was unable to get the fishery’s accounts in the outports due to a Northerly wind.
249 24 Oct. 1797 Prepared by Hierliky D. of Portland [enclosed with above] "State of His Majesty’s Garrison of Saint John’s Newfoundland."
251 20 Oct. 1797 Prepared by Skinner D. of Portland [enclosed with above] "return of Officers, Artificers and Labourers employed on His Majesty’s Fortification Works carrying on at St. John’s"
253-255 20 Oct. 1797 Prepared by Skinner D. of Portland [enclosed with above] "State of the Fortifications and Buildings at Saint John’s" Fort Townshend, Fort William, Signal Hill, Queen’s Battery, Wallace’s Battery, Chain Rock Battery, South Tide, Amherst Tower.
37261 30 Aug. 1797 Prepared by Rob Bollard, Storekeeper and Humphrey, Clerk of Cheque D. of Portland [enclosed with above] " A Remain of Ordnance and Military Stores at St. John’s Newfoundland Under the Charge of Robert Bollard, Storekeeper" Mortar, Ammunition, Tools, Furniture, Flags, Tents, Muskets...

262v-264v Blank pages

265 2 Sept. 1797 Prepared by Bollard, Acting Barrack Master D. of Portland [enclosed with above] "Remains of Barrack Bedding and Other Stores at St. John’s" Blankets, Candlesticks, brushes, pails, lamps...
267-268v 23 Nov. 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Need for currency, especially small coins. Troops are paid with orders of food rendered 50% more expensive than if purchased with cash. Merchants hoard their cash, people leave for England with guineas or dollars, and the payment of cattle from Halifax and Québec all contribute to the lack of currency on the island. Poor people are ignorant of the value of money.
271-271v 26 Nov. 1797 Waldegrave (Town) D. of Portland The proposal for repairing the church in St. John’s. With one enclosure.
273-273v 24 July 1797 Waldegrave Town [enclosed with above] Open letter relating to the repair of the church in St. John’s or the erection of a new one. The inhabitants have the permission to assemble and to decide where the new church should be. It should be big enough to allow maximum capacity. Subscribes the sum of twenty guineas for it as soon as he gets a report.
275 8 Dec. 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Waldegrave appears to be talking about his Civil and Military Jurisdiction again; and that it supercedes that of Prescott’s.
276-278* 8 Dec. 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland [enclosed with above] A document marked " The Commission dated 2 June 1789" where Waldegrave? has annotated "which of course gives me the Chief Command over all the Troops and inhabitants of the Islands." It also bears an extra endorsement signed by Geo Chalmers dated 7 Dec. 1797. This appears to be Waldegrave’s effort to prove his jurisdiction over Military and Civil matters.
* 277 is a copy of 276 and 278 is perfectly blank. The enclosure on p. 278v bears the following "Governor Prescott’s Commission as Governor of Canada passed the great seal [ -] 15 oct. 1796 Admiral Waldegrave’s Commission passed the great seal and is dated 16 May 1797 [signed:] Mr Pollock.
279 8 Dec. 1797 Waldegrave D. of Portland Waldegrave looked over records and found that there is money to be owed the Sheriff in St. John’s. Encloses a copy of a letter by James Wallace.
281-281v 4 Sept. 1795 Wallace D’Ewes Coke [enclosed with above] Copy of a letter sent regarding the Chief Justice and Clerks salary. The payment of the Sheriff’s salary should be made a soon as vouchers are produced.
282-283v 16 Dec 1797 Waldegrave (at the Earl of Cardigan’s in London) D. of Portland Jurisdiction over military. If he not made commandant of troops in Nfld, the nursery for seamen might fall to the enemy. Sends supporting document as per his request to have not only civil command of the troops but also military command.
284-285       [enclosed with above] "A view of the Constitution of the British Colonies in North America and the West Indies.p.185" An excerpt written by Stokes. Briefly, it talks about military jurisdiction versus civil jurisdiction while the troops are on land.
286 17 Dec. 1797 Waldegrave D. of Portland Letter enclosing a copy of a letter from the Commissary of Provisions at St. John’s.
288 13 Dec. 1797 Epps (Poole) Waldegrave [enclosed with above] Under Skinner’s order, Epps came to get provisions for the troops in the Spring. Scarcity of Provisions due to the Kilty store ship and the capture of most of the ships bound to Newfoundland under the convoy of the Tribune .
290 17 Dec. 1797 Waldegrave (London) Epps [enclosed with above] Orders Epps to return to his post where he is far more needed than in England. Skinner did not inform Waldegrave on the proportion of provisions needed for next year.
292 27 Dec. 1797 John Scott, John Smitford (Lincoln’s Inn) D. of Portland [enclosed with above] Acknowledge receipt of letter sent by D. of Portland with an enclosed letter from Waldegrave regarding the unlawful solemnization of marriages in Newfoundland. No steps can be taken without the interference of Parliament. "Copy of a letter of the Attorney and Solicitor General"

" Newfoundland 1796-1797 Miscellaneous "

296 23 Jan. 1796 Mr. Routh (Ludgate) Mr. King Regarding granting licenses at Newfoundland.
298   Customs Commissioners   [enclosed with above] Collectors in Newfoundland have to be presented with Licenses from any ship bringing bread, corn, flour entering Newfoundland from the United States.
300 26 Feb. 1796 Wyndham James Wallace Informs him that his request for the appointment of a garrison surgeon has been denied as military related appointments can only come from Lord Dorchester.
302-302v       [enclosed with above] Extracts from the King’s patent and the instructions of the Secretary of State respecting the Forts and Garrisons in the Island of Newfoundland. James Wallace’s appointment and details regarding his duties.
304-304v 23 July 1796 William Easton (Plymouth) John King (Secretary of State London) Letter regarding expense of 16 pounds for Irish convicts that were put on shore at Newfoundland in 1789.
306-307 21 Sept. 1796 Richard Routh (Custom House St. John’s) John King Account of events surrounding the French attack on Bay Bulls, led by Richery. They came close to St. John’s, didn’t attack, went to Bay Bulls "plundered and burnt the place and took many of the inhabitants prisoners." Speculates that the wind and fortifications stopped their efforts to do more damage. Adds that the stock from the United States has been of great use and the inhabitants are grateful for it.
308 20 Feb. 1797 Stewart, Woolcock (St. John’s) Henry Dundas (Secretary of State) Concerning Payment for Military services rendered as Volunteers in the Corps when the French attacked
310 2 Nov. 1796 Skinner Woolcock Letter of recommendation and to attest to the services of Woolcock for one year as an Officer of the Volunteers Corps.
312 2 March 1797 Hill (Prescott) D. of Portland Letter asking to reinforce the defence of Newfoundland.
314 2 Feb. 1797 Sir James Wallace (London) D. of Portland Extract of a letter regarding finishing the works that have been started at Signal Hill because the water well was run dry.
316 4 March 1797 Skinner Mr. King Copy of a note sent to the Treasury. It regards the matter of provisions sent to the garrison in Newfoundland.
318 9 May 1797 R. Routh John King Cover letter regarding the nature of the fishery.
320-322v       [enclosed with above letter] An unaddressed letter, sounding much like a report. It states that in order to understand Newfoundland’s Justice and the Fishery’s Trade and market, a good reference is Mr Reeves’ book on the history of Newfoundland. The history of the Fishery and its relation to law and justice is laid out in broad lines. Governor vs Court of Justice. Salaries of Courts employees. The Supreme Court.

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